Photile Live Wallpaper

Photile Live Wallpaper 2.6

A dynamic, changing tiled wallpaper

Photile Live Wallpaper is a dynamic tiled wallpaper app for your Android phone. View full description


  • Bunches of options
  • Use any image you like


  • Doesn't suit all images

Very good

Photile Live Wallpaper is a dynamic tiled wallpaper app for your Android phone.

If you’re looking for a cool wallpaper that takes your images and makes them just that little bit more interesting, then this is the app for you. Once you install Photile Live Wallpaper, head over to Settings >Personalize > Home wallpaper > Live wallpapers (or the equivalent on your device). If you scroll down, you’ll find the app.

The first step to take when using Photile Live Wallpaper is to pick the image you are going to use. This can be any image you have on your computer, but you’ll soon see that some images work better than others. Once you have the main image, go into the rest of the options to tweak the precise behavior of the tiles.

Photile Live Wallpaper gives you so many options that it’s hard to go through them all here. The app basically divides your image up into tiles that you can interact with, or set to change automatically. To get an idea of the kind of effects you can apply, the tiles will disappear when you touch them, or fade in and out.

How impressive Photile Live Wallpaper looks depends very much on the image you use, and the effects you apply. On some of our test images, it didn’t look great, but you can see that with a bit of effort you can use Photile Live Wallpaper to make a really impressive live wallpaper for your Android device.

Make your own live wallpaper with Photile Live Wallpaper.


  • Fixed stability issues some users were seeing when switching wallpapers, especially Droid X users
Photile Live Wallpaper


Photile Live Wallpaper 2.6